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Award-winning literary translator Vicky Huang will personally design a Chinese name for you.

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  1. Literal meaning and any historical references of each character in your Chinese name.
  2. A PDF certificate with your Chinese name in Simplified or Traditional Chinese, whichever you prefer.

Below you can find 3 names Vicky designed 👇

Sample #1: Loretta Wollering

Client Requirements

[Loretta] is from Latin and the meaning is: "little one who wears the laurels" – it means "scholar" or someone awarded in ancient Rome for intelligence/wisdom.

[Wollering] comes from old German language, and it means "to rule an army" (military leadership).

I value intelligence, hard work, honesty, and cultural arts.

It's funny because, in real life, I completed graduate school as a scholar, worked in research, authored two books, and I also teach and produce events in the Chinese martial arts (three decades). Haha!

Vicky's Delivery

1️⃣ Your last name would be 武 wǔ, a Chinese last name that means "military."

武 sounds similar to the first syllable of Wollering and alludes to its old German etymology. It’s also the last name of 武則天, the only legitimate female sovereign in Chinese history.

You can read more about 武則天 here:

2️⃣ Your first name would be 睿 ruì.

The ancient Chinese dictionary 玉篇 says, “睿,智也,明也,聖也。” (睿 means wise, bright, and holy.)

In ancient China, the emperor was the "Son of Heaven." Therefore, people came up with exclusive praises for the emperor. 睿 “heavenly wise” was one of those praises. Commoners could only qualify as “smart” and never “heavenly wise.”

睿 gives off a scholarly impression. It alludes to the meaning of “Loretta” and sounds similar to the second syllable in “Loretta.”

You can learn more about 玉篇 here:

Chinese first names consist of either two characters (more common) or one character (less common). I chose one character for your first name since there isn’t another suitable character that matches your English name phonetically and semantically. Moreover, one-character first names give a crisp, graceful impression that connects to the meaning behind “Loretta.”

3️⃣ Last names (or family names) come before first names in Chinese, so your name will be 武睿 wǔ ruì.

Sample #2: Georgia Gough

Client Requirements

Georgia – originally comes from the Latin for "farmer."

Gough – originally from the Welsh for "red."

I value patience, loyalty, kindness and tranquillity of mind.

No real preference for the tonal combination or modern/ancient connotation, so long as it wouldn't sound too outlandish to a native speaker.

I'll be using the name socially, mostly online while learning to speak/read Mandarin.

Vicky's Delivery

1️⃣ Your last name would be 郭 gūo, a common Chinese last name that means "city wall." 郭 sounds similar to Gough.

2️⃣ Here are two first names for you to choose from:

☝️ 致雅 zhì yǎ

致 zhì comes from the ancient text Huainanzi. It contains a saying 淡泊以明志,宁静以致远, which means:

"Only those who take worldly fame and materialism lightly can find clarity in life; only those who cultivate peace of the body and mind can achieve great ambitions in life."

Therefore, 致 symbolizes tranquillity, discipline, and idealism in a chaotic world.

雅 yǎ means "elegant" and "classy." This name gives a serene impression. It also sounds similar to the second and third syllables in your English name Georgia.

You can learn more about Huainanzi here:

✌️ 丹穗 dān suì

丹 dān is vermillion, which alludes to your Welsh last name. It is also a symbol of sincerity and loyalty.

穗 suì is a beautiful Chinese word that refers to the grain-bearing tip part of the stem of rice, wheat, or maize. It symbolizes richness after patient hard work.

This name suggests loyalty, sincerity, peace, patience, and beauty.

3️⃣ Last names (or family names) come before first names in Chinese, so your name will be 郭致雅 or 郭丹穗. I recommend the second one, as it sounds more poetic and unique.

Sample #3: Fateme Salari

Client Requirements

Last name: Salari. It means don, head, leader, chieftain, chief, or master.

First name: Fateme. I don't really mind not having it in my Chinese name.

I was born in the summer.

I value authenticity, self-love, and hard work. My favourite quote is by Prophet Muhammad. He said, "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave."

I want my first name to be a second tone followed by a fourth tone.

Vicky's Delivery

1️⃣ Your last name is 王 wáng, the most common surname in China.  means lord, king, and chief – exactly the same as Salari.

2️⃣ Your first name is 荷说 hé yuè.

荷 is lotus, the most iconic blossom during summer. Lotus also symbolizes integrity and spiritual purity in Chinese culture.

说 is commonly pronounced as shuō and means "say." However, in your name, it’s pronounced as yuè and means "joy." Its origin is from the Analects, where Confucius said, "学而时习之,不亦说乎?" which means:

"To constantly review what one has learned, isn’t that a joy?"

3️⃣ Last names (or family names) come before first names in Chinese, so your name will be 王荷说 wáng hé yuè. 

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People Are Happy With Their Names:

Excellent. Vicky has very special knowledge from all her schooling and experience – not just regular Chinese-speaking knowledge. I appreciate the time and thought she put into this, and the clear explanations. I will definitely be using her naming service again!

Loretta Wollering 🇺🇸

Beautiful name options with some very insightful details about the meaning, as well as how it relates back to my own English name and personality. 郭丹穗 is very lovely! Thanks, I never would have been able to come up with it on my own.

Georgia Gough 🇬🇧

This is so beautiful. I'm so happy that my last name 王 is the same as the Chinese actor 王一博. It's so cool to know the history and philosophy behind my name. Every day, I love Chinese culture more and more! Thank you!

Fateme Salari 🇮🇷

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