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HSK Hanzi Master Collection

3,600 handwritten Simplified Chinese characters featuring 1,800 mandatory characters from the New HSK 3.0 Elementary + Intermediate Levels (Bands 1–6), featuring both regular and cursive versions ✍️

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Mandarin Chinese Beginner Masterclass

An online course and private community for total + advanced Mandarin beginners 🤓 Let's find out how to connect with new friends in casual and formal situations in a culturally respectful way ✌️

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The Secrets of 4 Tones in 6 Minutes

The ultimate guide + video to sharpen your Chinese pronunciation 👄 Discover the secrets of tones and the tricks to nail them all in this free 6-minute training which 660+ students from 80+ countries completed and loved 👍

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Personalized Chinese Name

What's in a name? Your knowledge, taste, and chance of impressing a new friend. Let 5-time award-winning translator Vicky Huang help you design a name that suits your personality and values

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Chinese Language Immersion Programs

With 20 years of experience, Keats specializes in small group and one-on-one classes. They offer 100% food and accommodation coverage, so you can explore China safely! Use code VICKY300 for an exclusive 300 RMB OFF 💸

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Native Chinese Language Buddy

italki offers one-on-one lessons in more than 150 languages, including Mandarin Chinese. If you want to find a language exchange buddy, click on the button below to get a free $10 credit 🎁

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