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"[Vicky] is an incredible storyteller ... [She helps us] in a very logical, sequential, thematic way. Of all the [Chinese learning] materials out there, I think hers are among the best."

-- Paul Lewis, Former President at Discovery Channel


"When you're with Vicky, she's got you covered ... I hope you will learn as much as I did with Vicky and admire all the knowledge that she has. My experience with her has been phenomenal."

-- Valérie, Former Exchange Student at East China Normal University


"I must say I was quite impressed with ... Vicky's teaching style and the overall [student] experience. [At] this price, you will not get any better Chinese class. I'm confident of that."

-- Nick


"I can't say enough good things about Vicky ... She's a phenomenal teacher [who] is dedicated and committed to being overly prepared."

-- Ian Heystee, Former Teaching Assistant at Southwest University


"Vicky's method escalated my progress ... I recommend Vicky from the bottom of my heart. She helped me reach new heights in my Chinese skills."

-- Alexa, Student at The University of British Columbia


"Vicky's Masterclass is easy to understand. I highly recommend [it] because you can learn at your own pace and have fun while doing it."

-- Carlos


"[Vicky's Masterclass] is really easy. It's really fun. It's challenging in the best way ... You're gonna learn real quick [because] the way she teaches is real simple [and] straight to the point. Believe me, [Vicky's Masterclass] is worth it."

-- Shelly


"Vicky's [Masterclass] made all my other learning activities make sense ... Whether you've been studying Mandarin already [or] just starting, I highly recommend signing up for Vicky's course. It'll make your Mandarin learning so much easier."

-- Mark O'Meara, Professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University


"I love that all of Vicky's lessons infuse not only the language but also the culture and history of China ... Her communication style and ability to have us engage on Discord is just lovely. I love the Masterclass. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

-- Robin Andrus, Adoptive Parent to a Chinese Child


"I recommend Vicky. If you can have anything to do with her in any way, I suggest vehemently that you do it."

-- Michael Blumenthal, Former Creative Writing Program Director at Harvard University