For Teacher-Creators 🧚🏻‍♀️

I'm really surprised that so many of you are interested in the tools I use to make my social media content and online course 🔧 I'll spill the beans so you can test them out and see what works for you – let's make our knowledge beautiful 💖

Email + Website + Course

Kajabi helps you create, market, and sell any online course, coaching program, or podcast. It's super easy to use. I don't know how to code at all, but I have no trouble setting up my email campaignswebsite, and online course thanks to the simplicity of Kajabi.

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Logo Design

Fiverr is a global marketplace full of talents (and scams, so be careful). I wanted a unique hand-lettered logo for my brand, and Lui helped me do exactly that. She was intuitive and asked insightful questions. If you want a logo like mine, she's your girl.

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Reel Editing

CapCut is the official TikTok video editing app, and it's 100% free. Too bad it's only available on mobile phones and not desktops. It's easy to use and features a wide range of special effects. However, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, so use it at your own discretion.

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Camera for Online Course

As someone who is quite clueless about videography, I got this Olympus camera to film my online course in 4K. Since a bulky DSLR isn't as easy to set up as a mobile phone, I only use it to record my online course and not my Reels.

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Eye contact with the camera lens is so important. If you glance at your notes, students will feel disconnected from you. Invest in a reliable teleprompter (not a wobbly one) if you don't have time to memorize every line you need to deliver.

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Sound is one of the top most important elements in an online course. So don't skimp on it. The built-in camera mic is usually not that great. It's far better to just invest in a microphone so students can hear you well and learn effectively.

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Green Screen 

My online course is me talking in front of a slide deck. How do I "cut and paste" myself onto my slides? Green screen ✌️ Thanks to my wrinkle-resistant Elgato green screen, I'm able to remove my background quickly and pain-free 😌

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Computer for Editing

When I tried to edit my online course using my old MacAir of seven years, my laptop froze and squealed like it was about to explode. Ever since I upgraded to the latest MacBook with the M1 Pro chip, my technical problems went away like magic ✨

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Audio Restoration

If you don't own a professional studio like me, you need to get an expert to clean your audio files. David, the owner of Vybrant Music, has worked with top talents like Jolin Tsai and Luhan. He is fast, precise, and friendly. I highly recommend his service.

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