The Father's Day You Didn't Know: August 8th

🎉 holidays Aug 08, 2023
Happy Father's Day

For most people, Father's Day is always the third Sunday in June. But for Taiwanese people, it's always August 8th: the 8th day of the 8th month. The number 8 is 八 bā, while "father" is 爸 bà. Of course we'd make August 8th our Father's Day!

In 1946, the Republic of China created Father's Day for all the fathers who fought in the Second World War. But the new holiday soon died away with the escalating Chinese Civil War.

Today, mainland China celebrates Father's Day on the same day as Westerners. So, why are things different in Taiwan? When the Republic of China fled to Taiwan, it took the August 8th Father's Day tradition there. That's why Taiwan still observes Father's Day on August 8th.

Does your country celebrate Father's Day on a date different from the third Sunday in June? I doubt it. If you can prove me wrong, please drop me a message on Instagram. 😜

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